"Dad, does love come?"

Translation:אבא, אהבה באה?

June 21, 2016

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is not there a hebrew keybord here?


Steps Go to Control Panel. Click Regional and Language Options. Click Languages tab at top. Click "install files ... for right-to-left languages". Click Apply. Insert Windows CD, click "OK", wait for the install to complete. Click Languages Tab, go to Details. Click the "Add" button, you will be able to select "Hebrew".


I'm going to cry from how hard this is, I swear.


ába, ahavá bá'a?


Why is this sentence in the feminine form?


some words in hebrew used as feminine and some as masculine אהבה thats one of the feminine


I wrote this: אבא אוהב באה and the answer was incorrect. Perhaps I used the wrong form of the word "love". Would somebody be able to clarify?


As far as I understand, the word אוהב is a verb and translated as love (masculine singular present) and the word אהבה is a noun and translated as love (noun)


Why is come באה here?


The word "באה" is the feminine and "בא" the masculine singular form of the verb "come". The "come" refers in this sentence to "love" and "love" is feminine, so you must use the feminine verb form.


Wow... i can only imagine the confusion for someone just starting and getting this question... there are too many elements covered here. I did not read the lesson though as i am on mobile but still... i bet it sounds like a play of words.

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