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  5. "האוכל טעים."

"האוכל טעים."

Translation:The food is delicious.

June 21, 2016



I answered "the food is good". Shouldn't that be acceptable as a response? Tasty/good synonymous in English in this context.


They are synonymous and you could use both words interchangeably most of the time, but still for the sake of learning vocabulary they want you to use them separately. טעים is tasty and טוב is good


The problem is that (at least where I live) in English people say "the food is good" 100x more often than people say "the food is tasty" when they mean the same thing. While "tasty" might be a better definition of the word itself, "the food is good" is probably a better translation of the phrase. Also, for learning it's one thing, but for testing out of a level, it's quite a different goal-the program should want to know how well I know the language, not whether I know that one particular word (which it's obvious I do, anyway, from my answer.)


Just like in English when if someone said "the food is tasty" it's slightly different than "the food is good", for example, maybe more emphatic, in Hebrew you can say either האוכל טעים or האוכל טוב, and even though they are similar, they are not the same.


The way I see it. In terms of food, the two words are technically synonymous but the problem is "good" is a very general term that can mean anything positive in the English language and they want you to know that טעים is to be used for food only and טוב can be used in other situations such as בוקר טוב or הספר טוב.


Yes - and also you could say האוכל טוב but that would mean "the food is good" not "the food is tasty"


yes they are synonyms in Hebrew as well as in English, however they are not the same word ;)


The only option I just had was "The food is delicious". Only masters of understatement (like myself!) would equate that with "The food is good". good < tasty < delicious. They're all at different positions on the same scale.


I also did. They got a lot of work to do.


I agree with the other comments but surely it should accept "tasty"? Right now it is telling me that only delicious is acceptable.


Woops. Never mind! I typed it in the wrong language.


Why "the tasty food" is wrong?


that would be "האוכל הטעים", you can read more about it here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/he/Food-1


So this word can mean either "food" or "eat" depending on the context? (I'm not including the Hebrew word because I'm having too much trouble getting the words to appear in the right order!)


Yes, but the emphasis is different. For food the emphasis is on first syllable, for eat it's on the second syllable.


The word for food is a verbal noun from the same root as the verb. The root אכל is related to consuming, mostly of food. So when it's a verb it basically means to eat and when it's a noun it means food, in other words, the stuff that you eat.


I didn't get how foo is pronunced, can someone teach me, please?


Ha-o-khel ta-eem A bit tough to describe, you'd better stick to the recording. Note that כ' in אוכל sounds like ח' here


Would the food is yummy be correct?


Although yummy is not in it's drop down list for טעים, it was accepted as correct for me July 24, 2019.


Why is "tasty food" wrong?


The letter "ה" translates to "the"


Answered as the food is tasty and got it wrong because apperantly the food is delicious when two questions ago טעים was used as tasty.


Why not 'the delicious food?'


That would be האוכל הטעים.


So we accept "tasty" in some places but unilaterally require "delicious" here.


What is the m.pl. form for טעים? Could it also be used here?


It's טעימים. No, you can't, because אוכל is singular.

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