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Hebrew on Mobile

While Hebrew was just released, it is difficult to get the keyboard on computers. IS there any way Hebrew can be released on mobile, since it is easier to get the keyboard on there? And if not, can someone help me get the keyboard on a chromebook?

Thank you for releasing this course, developers! I can't wait to learn this beautiful language!

June 21, 2016



You can use the browser version of the course from a mobile device while you're waiting :)


IS there any way Hebrew can be released on mobile

Yes, in few weeks (maybe few months): see here a 2 years old official statement about delay between releases on the website version and on apps.

if not, can someone help me get the keyboard on a chromebook?

Seems to be answers there (at least first link).


It takes a few days and weeks for it to be put on mobile.


I went to settings -> time and language -> region and language and added a new language keyboard.

I pulled this image http://www.qsm.co.il/Images/keyboard.gif up also so I would know which keys were which since I don't have stickers

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just search your system for some kind of a built-in on screen keyboard. Picture below is from win7.


Did not know you could do that, that would have been helpful in Spanish class when I would type out the whole top row looking for different punctuation, thanks!


FYI: I don't have a chromebook, but that is how to add a language on Windows 10 on a laptop


Thanks! I eventually got it.

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