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"אני יכולה לעבוד רק בארגון אחד."

Translation:I can only work in one organization.

June 21, 2016



This sentence you assign to the male voice?


כַּמּוּבָן. הָאִשָּׁה שָׁתָה קָפֶה עִם חָלָב. בְּדִיּוּק כָּכָה שֶׁאֲנִי אוֹהֵב. :-)


*שׁוֹתָה (הוֹוֶה) שָתְתָה (עָבָר)

*כְּמוֹ שֶׁ־


I just reported it. March 8th, 2020. Let's see how long it takes them to correct it ....


Not yet, 4th July 2020


But "I can only work in one organization" should also be correct, no? Or does it really mean something different?


"I can only work in one organization." is awkward English and should not be accepted. "I can only work at one organization." OR "I can only work for one organization." should both be accepted, but not "in". Why? The preposition "in" is typically used for fields or specific physical locations, example: I work in sales. I work in computers. I work in the medical field. I work in Houston. I work in town. I work in a small building. I would never work in an organization, but I may work in a department of the organization. I work in shipping at Safeway.

To the extent that the course is about learning Hebrew, and not English, maybe they all should be accepted. The canonical correct answer should be "for".


You are correct that "for" is the best preposition. But I would also point out that only should really be in a different position. It should be, "I can work for only one organization." Or: " I can work for just one organization." Someone else posted also, "I can work for one organization only." Someone replied that they did'nt like that, but it sounds fine to me. Depends on what you're emphasizing.


I like your positioning of only and perhaps prefer it. Placing "only" before "work" seems perfectly fine to me, too. Placing only at the end may be okay too, but seems less natural than the other two.


Somebody at Duolingo should perhaps actually read this comment and implement it. August 2019


I heard the mail voice and went directly to translating the verb accordingly.

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"I can work in one organisation only" should also be correct?


That's not the usual word order in English. It sounds a bit off.

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