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  5. "אין שום החלטה עדיין!"

"אין שום החלטה עדיין!"

Translation:There is no decision yet!

June 21, 2016



Why I am being asked to review this sentence under "Common Phrases" when I never learned this in the first place?

[deactivated user]

    +1 Found this reviewing "Common Phrases": never found it before.


    This might actually be covered but the browser version of the course might cut it off. I know when I used the get around hack for the browser the lessons within the course were longer. But like you I have no run into this phrase here. I also looked just now into the Memrise course that follows along with Duolingo and these words were never in there, so I don't think this is suppose to be here.


    What do you mean by "get around hack for the browser"?


    I meant the work around for the app not the browser. I was able to actually do the lessons in the actual Duolingo App but that was only once. But while I was in the app the lessons themselves were way longer and more detailed. This of course is something that the Dev people know about and it is a bug.


    It's now been two months since I made this comment. At the time, I was frustrated at seeing such a 'hard' sentence appear out of place. Now I'm 2/3rds of the way through the tree, and this seems like quite an easy sentence. Duolingo has indeed taught me much.


    why is it wrong to translate that as "there is still no decision"? I wrote that and was told it's wrong.


    I don't think this belongs here. None of these words were covered in the lesson.


    In what context would one use this phrase?


    "The judge is still thinking this through. There is no decision yet."


    That is oddly specific, it's strange to see that in a common phrases section along with "hello" and "goodbye" and "thanks" and "sorry."


    The guys are talking about where to go out tonight, after hours of txts, calls and chats - there is no decision yet!


    Can someone explain the individual words please?


    אין - there isn't

    שום - any

    החלטה - decision

    עדיין - yet


    Does שום also mean garlic?


    This and several other excercises are showing up way too early.


    Crazy question no basic level

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