"Który rozdział musimy przeczytać?"

Translation:Which chapter do we have to read?

June 21, 2016



A question on pronunciation!

Here I hear what I would spell "rozdzioł". I already noticed that most of the past tenses finishing in -ał sound this way. Does the -ł close the -a-?

March 21, 2017


No, not at all. a is a, o is o.

And it sounds ok to me.

March 22, 2017


It may sound like "oł" in Silesian dialect. At least it seems to me that people from Silesia often tend to pronounce "a" more like "o".

March 26, 2017


I responded: Which chapter have we to read? - perfectly normal British English, as would be Which chapter have we got to read? or Which chapter do we have to read?; But the "correct" version - Which chapter do we've to read - is incorrect in British, American or any other English

August 13, 2017


Your versions are added now.

Things like "we've" here are never accepted by the team. They are accepted (but why the heck they get suggested sometimes?!) because of the algorithm. Why? Well, "we've" works as a contraction in "we've got", and the system cannot distinguish between a context where it makes sense and a context where it doesn't. Nothing we can do about it on our side, I'm afraid.

August 13, 2017
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