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  5. "זה ארנב יפֶה!"

"זה ארנב יפֶה!"

Translation:This is a beautiful bunny.

June 21, 2016



why not "this bunny is beautiful"? Is it because the זה did not come after ארנב?


I think "this bunny is beautiful" would correspond to "הארנב הזה יפה"


I am wondering too


A rabbit is only handsome when it is wearing a suit. Hehe


It makes me a bad mood if sentenses get marked wrong even they are written correct. It happens too often


It has not happened a single time to me. But it happened A LOT that I spell something wrong and it get's marked correct because people reported it as "my answer should be correct" when it is not. Please really, really look closely before reporting! החכך, בנ, צץז, ןו עא get mixed up so easily!


Actually, spelling mistakes are sometimes accepted as correct because of a bug in the system, which doesn't really recognize Hebrew letters properly, not because "people reported it as "my answer should be correct". All reports are handled by actual people, not computer, so they sort out which answers are actually correct, and which aren't. And it happens only if you miss one letter in your spelling. You miss two letters and it counts it as a mistake and rejects the answer.


Hmmm... Do you know that for a fact? ... I did encounter it more frequently in Hebrew, but I also had a LOT of those both in Russian (cyrillic script) and in Indonesian, some in spanish and a few in portugese (normal latin letters).

And yes, I understand that there's still someone filtering the reports, but if you get a hundred reports a day, things like ה for a ח or נ for a ב can get overlooked easily even by an experienced reader... or even more so than by a novice, because your eyes just scan the 'shape' of the word to infer it's meaning without looking at every letter individually anymore.... :/ I'm not saying there's any fault with the mods; that's just unavoidable that some of those slip through.

I had a few times that I thought I had it perfectly right yet it got marked wrong and only on the third look I finally realized that my error was in a part of sentence where I wasn't expecting it. Once or twice I only finally saw the error - to my great embarassment - after I had reported. blush

Since I've now spent somewhat substantial amount of time in here and I have not had a single time that Duo marked me wrong when I didn't have an error, I'm a bit suspicious when people claim they have that problem :/ Admittedly, I'm on a relatively new Android divice, using the built-in keyboard and it could be a platform dependent bug... Or I get the "heads" end of it - getting marked right when I'm wrong - while others get the "tails" end - getting marked wrong when they are right ...

Anyway, all I'm asking is that people make really sure before reporting.


Yes, I know that for a fact. ALL reports are handled by the course contributors. When somebody reports a sentence, they need to approve it and even then it sometimes takes up to a few weeks for the system to start accepting those sentences. It's weird. That is why there are so many people complaining that they reported a correct answer, and it hasn't been accepted yet. There are only a few people handing a course that is used by several hundred thousand people.

I've also had my share of bugs - spelling error accepted as correct; correct sentence rejected as incorrect; or saying I have a typo in a sentence where I choose from word tiles, which the system laid out for me. It's a computer program - it's not perfect.


'זה', יכול להיות this or that


What do you mean? This, I can to be? Thanks.


For example יפה is not correct because it is written without the 3 points under the letter פ. Why ?


They're called Nikud. It's an error in the app, just ignore it. They are important for pronunciation & while learning, but once you know the language they're unnecessary. They're not used outside of education in secular society.


It can be, this rabbit is beautiful too


This Bunny is beautiful is as legitimate as your translation.


No, that would be: הארנב הזה יפה


What is wrong with "This rabbit is beautiful"? I agree with Rey Marties!


It was marked incorrect, because that is not the correct translation. BTW, this question had been asked and answered in this thread twice already.

This is a beautiful rabbit - זה ארנב יפה

This rabbit is beautiful - הארנב הזה יפה

Similar sentences, but different emphasis.

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