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Congratulations from me and all of the users of Duolingo to the Hebrew Team!

Thank you so much for the huge amount of time and hard work and effort that you put into the Hebrew for English speakers course, Hebrew Team! Congratulations on making beta!

June 21, 2016



God bless Duolingo and all the people around - Airelibre, Gal, Naftali Friedman, etc. Their comments help a lot. :-)


Yep, it's a wonderful course. Unfortunately I won't be focusing on Hebrew though, as I am trying to focus on my German and Welsh, but I certainly hope that everyone is enjoying it.


Yes, thank you Hebrew team!!


Yes, thank you for your service.


Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together!


I'm excited to get going, but how do I write hebrew letters the lesson calls for? I added hebrew to language preferences but they do not correspsond to english abc etc.


I Googled "Hebrew keyboard layout," and I'm using the pic to help me know where the letters are on the keyboard.

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