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"Since he left his family in Israel he is depressed."

Translation:מאז שהוא עזב את המשפחה שלו בישראל הוא מדוכא.

June 21, 2016



המשפט הבא אמור להתקבל: "מאז שהוא עזב את משפחתו בישראל, הוא מדוכא" . המילה משפחתו זהה במשמעותה לביטוי: " המשפחה שלו".

It's important to note that in Hebrew it's also possible to say "משפחתו", instead of the expression: "המשפחה שלו". Here is a short explanation about it: The Hebrew language sometimes tends to form shortcuts, and that's why large ideas can be expressed by minimal amount of words. For example, if I have a book I could say in English that "this is 'my book'". Similarly to English, in Hebrew it's also possible to describe the phrase 'my book' in two words: "הספר שלי". This is the most natural way to say, and also the most common one. Anyway, it's also important to know the formal expression - which is mostly used in writing and is sometimes also heard in a normal, daily conversation: "ספרי". This expression doesn't have a grammatical equivalent in English, in contrast to the first one. The way to form the last expression ("ספרי") is simply removing the word 'my', from the expression 'my book', while adding an adequate suffix to the word 'book', that always matches the person who posseses. This little suffix basically replaces the possessive pronoun (in this case: 'שלי'), and thus maintains the meaning of the expression.

Here are a few examples, to make everything clearer: (try to notice that the pattern is pretty easy) 1. "My son" - "הבן שלי" - "בני" 2. "My daughter" - "הבת שלי" - "בתי" 3. "My school" - "בית הספר שלי" - "בית ספרי"

  1. "Your son" - "הבן שלך" - "בנך"
  2. "Your daughter" - "הבת שלך" - "בתך"
  3. "Your school" -""בית הספר שלך" "בית ספרך

  4. "His son" - "הבן שלו" - "בנו"

  5. "His daughter" - "הבת שלו" - "בתו"
  6. "His school" -"בית הספר שלו" - "בית ספרו

  7. "Her son" - "הבן שלה" - "בנה"

  8. "Her daughter" - "הבת שלה" - "בתה"
  9. "Her school" -"בית הספר שלה" "בית ספרה

  10. "Our son" - "הבן שלנו" - "בננו"

  11. "Our daughter" - "הבת שלנו " - "בתנו"
  12. "Our school" -"בית הספר שלנו" "בית ספרנו

  13. "Their son" - "הבן שלהם" - "בנם"

  14. "Their daughter" - "הבת שלהם" - "בתם"
  15. "Their school" -"בית הספר שלהם" "בית ספרם

I hope that the information I wrote is helpful. Feel free to ask questions if you have :) Matan


אכן, גם אני דיווחתי על כך כשגיאה.

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