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"הביצועים של המחשב הזה יותר טובים מהביצועים של המחשב שלי!"

Translation:The performance of this computer is better than the performance of my computer.

June 21, 2016



Is the plural form preferable in this case or it possible to use here singular ביצוע as well?


Speaking of computers, the plural seems preferable, but the singular exists as well, especially in non-technical contexts: הָרַעֲיוֹן נָאֶה אֲבָל בִּצוּעַ אֵינוֹ קַל "The idea is fine, but the execution is not easy" or הַבִּצוּעַ הַמּוּסִיקָלִי שֶׁלוֹ טוֹב "his musical performance is good".


I got this sentence on the app (Android) in the "select words to translate" type of exercise and the full solution was already displayed.


Me too. But I guess that it isn't a big problem since it happens just few times.


Same. I assume it has to do with screen size and the way the app is layouted. Maybe the fix woukd be to make the sections scrollable


I love how the hebrew course has the largest sentences in all Duolingo.


What's wrong with "the performances are"? (I'm translating from hebrew into english).


(Millallero) קמילה, in my opinion that is not idiomatic English in this context. Assessing a computer's overall performance (or, for that matter, an employee's job performance) is a single assessment even though it may be based on multiple criteria and multiple events.

My main association with the plural "performances" is with multiple presentations of a show (stage or screen) or other artistic event.

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Can יותר טוב mean much better?


Well, much better would be הַרְבֵּה יוֹתֵר טוֹב.


Cant Duolingo fix this problem!? The answer was completed when I opened the question.


Is טובים יותר acceptable instead of יותר טובים?


Why is in the plural form?


Well, in the area of computers, the plural בִּצּוּעִים is more common (a benchmark test e.g. is a בֹּ֫חַן־בִּצּוּעִים), maybe because they perform in different domains.


The search box is missing from this page in some browsers.

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