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  5. "מבנה הקורס הוא חשוב."

"מבנה הקורס הוא חשוב."

Translation:The course structure is important.

June 21, 2016



Is the notion of מבנה different from that of structure ?

Despite decades working in English-speaking universities, I have never heard anything referred to as the "course construction" so my first assumption was that this is what I would call the the structure of the course.

But perhaps there is a reason for this being rejected ?


Apparently since they turned you down on "the structure of the course" they have decided to accept it; I just tried it and it was okay.


I understant that those anonymous and mute creators of the course has no time to react to every remark. :-)


I also think it is best with the structure of the course, but should it not also be like that in hebrew? Or maybe the meaning should have been course structure, if so my guesses are 1) המבנה של הקורס or 2) מבנת הקורס in hebrew.


i think מבנה is a masculine word, so it cannot be written מבנת הקורס in a construct. This sentence is in a construct and it is written מבנה הקורס.

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