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  5. "הילדה רואָה דרך."

"הילדה רואָה דרך."

Translation:The girl sees a way.

June 21, 2016



How do you pronounce ריאָה?


You slightly misspelled it, but רואה has two pronunciations. If a male is speaking it is pronounced ro'eh. If a female is speaking it is pronounced ro'ah. Both male and female forms for this verb are spelled exactly the same רואה. This verb type is very common in hebrew and the reason the form is slightly different from other verbs like אוכל / אוכלת, where you add ת to make the feminine, has to do with the root of the word. You will learn that later.


Just to clarify:
The gender of the verb must match the gender of the subject of the verb, regardless of who is speaking the sentence.
So, in the sentence on this page, although the recording that played for me is spoken by a man, the verb is feminine singular because the subject is "הילדה", "the girl".

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Many thanks! I am using a phonetic Hebrew keyboard that I was able to download and accidentally typed an "i" instead of an "o" when typing ro'ah. Here's a lingot for you help!


Can "way" also be translated as "path"?


Yes, דרך can also mean a path.


I'm a bit surprised by the pronunciation. To me it sounds like "ajeldro aderekh". The "roa" to me gets totally lost. Is Hebrew speech so connected that the parts of the words seems to be torn apart


If you pay close attention while listening to any language you already know, you'll notice words blending together like that, too. It's how we end up with weird misunderstandings of song lyrics, for example. "Lady Mondegreen" is a famously misheard lyric (actually "laid him on the green"). With practice, you'll start to hear where words begin and end better. Be patient with yourself!


Exactly! We need time and practice to be able to recognize the words among the sounds that we hear. For example, the person who said that the (word) "roa" got "totally lost" did hear its sound, as they typed it "ajeldro aderekh" (emphasis added).

For another example in English, the phrase "I scream" could sound identical to "ice cream", as in a saying that kids used to like, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream". And then there's this playful old song, "Mairzy Doats": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFcx7phO_9E

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The pronunciation is good, in my opinion. It's not faster than how you'd normally say it, maybe even a bit slower (the speaker pauses a little bit after רואה). Don't be discouraged though, the listening exercises are difficult at first, and the missing "slow" button makes it even harder in the Hebrew course.


I agree whith this comment, i did not hear roah at all.


ha-yaldá ro'á dérech.


Thank you so much for this transliteration.

As other people has mentioned, I had a difficult time identifying the second word...

For me at first it sounded like "ha-yaldá ro' —ádérech" (with a too long pause between "ro" and "ádérech" as if they were separate words) but after contrasting the sound with this transliteration of yours now I can see that there is no such long pause.



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How would one say: "The girl sees through." Thanks for putting the course together!


The same way, but at least in Hebrew you have to add see through what, without an object it can't be a full sentence.

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Good catch! Even in English, one would have to specify what one sees through. I guess I should have asked about: "The girl sees through it." Where the main meaning would be "Not to be deceived by it; to detect the true nature of it." Thanks.


I have a hard time hearing an r sound with ר. Is it silent? Why doesnt duolingo have a slow speech button like it does with Spanish? It would be of tremendous help.


It's not silent, it sounds somewhat like French 'r'. Here is the article about the consonant in Wikipedia, there's an audio on the right template.

There is no slow button because these are human recordings (not TTS) and Duolingo does not support slowing down the speech in such courses.


הילדה רואה דרך. המלך רואה דרך.


I am the only one who doesn't hear the ך ? I'm confused about its prononciation.


I think you mean ר not ך. The r sound is much like the french r but in this recording it is very faint. Possibly shortened becauae it is the first sound in the word


Cant hear the רואה


Why can't it be "The girl is seeing a way"??


Would you expect a native English speaker to say it that way? I would not.

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דרך "it sounds like "Te'rrer"?


The audio here is fine - he says derech. Try using headphones for the audio. It helped me a lot in the beginning.


Could דרך also mean road??


The options given for "see" as רואָה appear the one and same . Hence I can not distinguish between them. Please guide properly.


Why 'a way' instead of 'the way'?


The and a: what Hebrew word is translated as the and a? Thank you.


The girl sees a way - הילדה רואה דרך

The girl sees the way - הילדה רואה את הדרך


What's the difference between road and way???


In what language? English or Hebrew? דרך can mean both, if that is what you are asking.

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