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  5. "אתה אוהב יין."

"אתה אוהב יין."

Translation:You like wine.

June 21, 2016



Don't tell me what I like and don't like -.-




can someone transcribe the word for wine please.




Why is "יין" pronounced "Yayin"? I thought, based on the hints and tips that it would be pronounced "Yon"; as all it says is that "Yod" is like "Y" in "Yes", and that "Nun" is just pronounced "N". So how do you work out how to pronounce a word? Am I just dumb or have I missed something?


So Duolingo does not use Hebrew nikkud, which are vowel markers that, when learning the language, help you figure out pronunciation. Here you can see what the word looks like with nikkud: https://goo.gl/images/QGuf1v


why not likes wine?


Only "he or she or it" likes wine. "I, you, we, they" like wine.


Is both of ו נ pronounced as n?


No, I think maybe the similarity between "ן" and "ו" may have confused you: the first one is the form the letter "נ" takes when its at the end of a word, and sounds like "n", and the second one is another letter.


I wrote "You like a wine." why is not correct?


I think because it's wrong in English .. you can't put (a) with (wine)


What's the difference between יין and יאן? Because I wrote it like יאן and it turns out to be correct.


No, יאן is not correct. There is a bug in the system that occasionally does not acknowledge a typo, and יאן is a typo.


I though I heard the word for wine said as "vee-ayn" Which reminds me of the spanish and french word for wine (vino/vin).


Does " אתה" refer to you ( male) or ( female) ??


so i know wine is fem so don't you have to put all words in fem form such as you and like


No. The gender and number of the verb are related to the subject of the sentence, not the object. So, if you is masculine, the verb will also be masculine. If you is feminine, the verb will also be feminine. The same with plural.

So, it'll be:

l אתה אוהב יין - you (m) like wine.

l את אוהבת יין - you (f) like wine.


I have write the same word, but duo lingo say that i am wrong...???


Many people feel they have written the correct word when they have not. They usually have a spelling error that they have not noticed. But, there is no reason to tell us unless you want us to help you. To do that, you have to tell us exactly what you have written.


Why... I always failed translate " you like wine?" I have wrote אתה אוהב ײן, and the result "wrong"...?


Heru, you have written the sentence correctly in the comment section. The Duolingo computer is programmed to accept the correct answer. It does not make mistakes if you type the answer correctly. There are only two things I can think of that might have caused you to get the answer wrong. 1. You had a multiple choice answer that required you to choose two correct answers, but you only selected one correct answer. 2. You spelled all the words correctly here but made an error when doing the exercise. For instance, I have seen people spell יין with two apostrophizes instead of with two yuds. I'm confident that the next time round you'll get the answer marked correct. Good luck.


No... It is true. The is a problem with this sentence.

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How י is pronounced in hebrew?

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