Is the fill-in-the-blank exercise showing up incorrectly for you? Please up-vote this bug report.

This bug report shows what's happening:

The fill-in-the-blank word is showing up on the wrong side of the sentence.


June 21, 2016


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hi i dont see any mistakes from my pointofwu all right bestreg yohanan

June 22, 2016

Yes! I've already reported this directly to the developers but don't think they'll answer...

June 9, 2017

The ones where it makes you type in the blank at the end of the sentence. One of them was translated literally as, “or her you” (או היא אתה) instead of “you or her” (אתה או היא) where I was supposed to type in the final word (היא). I was using the browser version on my laptop for this, but idk if that means anything.

May 13, 2019
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