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  5. "כלב רע!"

"כלב רע!"

Translation:Bad dog!

June 21, 2016



You know, whenever my dog did something bad, my dad would shout a horrible imitation of the German translation for this. I'll have to make him say it in Hebrew now XD


כלב רע! לא ביסקויט!


אין ביסקוויט :)


So, how would one say "A dog is bad"?


As Hebrew doesn't have use for "a/an" there isn't an accurate translation. You could say כלב הוא רע where כלב is a name and not a noun (same as טרוריסט הוא רע = A terrorist is bad), or in the meaning that dog (any dog) is inherently bad, but neither sound very natural to me. Or you could say זה כלב רע = This is a bad dog.

What would you mean by "A dog is bad"?


Lots of languages don't have an indefinite determiner, but they can still predicate something of an indefinite subject. The sentence is certainly not one I think I have ever heard, but that is the case with many Duolingo sentences, since they are entirely out of context. I always try to think of a context in my head. If, for instance, you were to ask me my advice on the proper pet, I could say, "A cat is good, since it cleans up for itself. A dog is bad." There I am not talking about a particular dog, nor am I saying anything about dogs in all situations, but rather talking about "a" hypothetical dog. It sounds, though, as if כלב הוא רע is precisely what I was looking for. Thanks.


In this context, כלב הוא רע would pass, but I think כלב זה רע is more natural.


If you're looking to generalize, I would use the plural - כלבים הם רעים (dogs are bad).


And what about: הכלב זה הוא רע or הכלב הזה הוא רע ?


When adding definite articles to nouns with adjectives, both the noun and the adjective receive a definite article. הכלב הזה הוא רע = This dog is bad. הכלב זה הוא רע is an incorrect sentence.


you can use כלב זה הוא רע or הכלב הזה הוא רע כלבה זה הוא רע is incorrect


My favorite movie!


How does one say Bad Wolf??


So how would you say "Cake is bad" or "A book is good"? Thanks.


עוגה זה רע

ספר זה טוב


Can I just say עוגה רע ?


Ps. I meant that as a translation for "A bad cake."


Almost. עוגה is feminine, so you need to say עוגה רעה for "a bad cake"


Lucky number Sleven ;)


Is bet pronounced as a "v" at the end of a word, but "b" elsewhere?


There are a set of rules, the one you can generally rely on its that it's b at the beginning of a word (syllable, actually) and v otherwise.


There are many occurrences of /b/ in the middle of words, too. It's true that at the end of words (that are old Hebrew ones and not borrowed in the last 150 years) it's always /v/.


This is the one thing I am told daily.


Why is "A dog is bad" wrong?


In a context where you'd say "A dog is bad", in Hebrew you'd say "כלב זה רע". I can't really explain why "כלב רע" sounds unnatural in this context, but it does.


Are there instances where ו and ב are interchangeable in actually spelling a word? I typed כלו רא and DL marked me correct without even indicating a typo?


Only with words of foreign origin, but definitely not כלו. Also it's רע, not רא. There is a bug in the system that occasionally does not acknowledge typos.


good to know, thanks


don't have voice or hebrew keyboard


Well, then you need to download the Hebrew keyboard.

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