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  5. "Love is coming."

"Love is coming."

Translation:אהבה באה.

June 21, 2016



When should I put בא and when should I put באה? Is the first one for masculine and the second one for feminine? תודה!


You're right!


How do we know when to put masculine one or feminine. The sentence literally says "Love is coming". Is love feminine lol. Why is it considered as a typo..? Ps. I dont have hebrew keyboard :p


Yes, love is feminine. How do we know? By learning the gender of the word.


Usually words ended with A sound are feminin (with some exeptions like ABA אבא ). Other fem endings ET.


@Roni. I am guessing you're asking about אהבה and אוהב.

Well, אהבה is the noun "love" and אוהב is the verb "to love", more specifically, the masculine singular form.



Actually, "to love" is "לאהוב". And "אוהב" is the male-singular verb for love.

"I love" is "אני אוהב" (when the speaker is male)

"You love" is "אתה אוהב" (when you're speaking to a male)

"He loves" is "הוא אוהב"


Why is there more than one


Why is there more than one word for love?


Which one is make and female? באה is female? That means אהבה is a female word?


Man- בא Woman- באה


Is there a way to type the romanized version without switching keyboards? This is accepted input in Russian and other languages with a non-romanized alphabet. It really facilitates getting through a lesson rather than switching back/forth between keyboards. Moreover, if you really are a beginner, you will have no familiarity with the Hebrew keyboard and spend a ton of time hunting/pecking rather than learning the language. Again, thanks to the team for making this available - I love seeing Hebrew on here.


I am really a beginner in hebrew. That said, I first taught myself the hebrew aleph beit then the keyboard. It is essential to have this knowledge before using duolingo's current Basic Beginner Lessons.


תודה רבה מילוש אני אוהבת עברית


I did the same, its much easier


I double this.

I cannot change the settings as the tablet I'm using is not mine and if I try to switch to a browser to use a virtual keyboard, i have to start the lesson from the beginning. No chance to type any answer.


I put small pieces of paper tape on each of the keys on my laptop and wrote the Hebrew and Russian alphabet on them. I know that it does not help with the switching keyboards problem but it made it easier for me to do the lessons.


Try using SwiftKey. I have a keyboard that corrects me in English, Spanish and Italian and all I have to do is swipe on the space bar to get to a Hebrew keyboard. Just a little set up in the settings and then you'll be all set.


I use Duo on my android phone. I added Hebrew to my keyboard so I can switch with a long press. Super easy! :-)


How did you manage this? I have added Cyrillic to my Samsung Galaxy phone, but Hebrew doesn't seem to be an option.


Which Galaxy do you have?


Fame (or did then...)


How did you do that swich with a long press on the keyboard


בא is in the masculine form באה is feminine


Is there a way to type this?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, in a Mac you can change your keyboard settings.


    I do wish this Hebrew lesson course would tell us what the Hebrew letters names are... I'll have to come back after I learn them... :-( Back to Hebrew for Christians I'll have to go... I thought this was a beginner's class.


    I taught myself the hebrew aleph bet and then the hebrew keyboard. It takes time and commitment. This particular duolingo lesson assumes one has that knowledge first. It is absolutely essential to learning the vocabulary and grammar.


    I am definitely a beginner


    Is the ה silent here?


    Yes. But it causes the א to sound opposite to בא, where you dont hear the א


    In both of these feminine words, אהבה באה, the final letter ה has no vowel, so it's essentially silent. In both of these words, and in many other words with a final ה, the penultimate (next-to-last) letter has an "ah" vowel (as the "a" in father). All the vowels in these 2 words are "ah" vowels, so these words are pronounced, approximately: a-ha-va ba-a. Often באה is transliterated/romanized ba'a.

    Similarly, in the masculine verb בא, the final letter א has no vowel, so it's silent and the word is pronounced "ba".

    a908 rich739183


    So there's no difference between a habitual present form (comes) and a present progressive form (is coming) in modern hebrew?


    Branah.com has the keyboard, you would have to clip and paste all your answers. If anyone knows a better way let me know. But this works!


    So does anyone know the answer to the original question? When are we to use בא or באה?


    It depends on the grammatical gender of the subject.


    בא for male באה for female


    This seems more difficult than other basic levels...or is it just the alefbet?


    SwiftKey app is a super easy way for me to use multiple languages at the same time. Love the ease of access! Check it out.


    For everyone who's asking. There are hebrew keyboards on the app store and on regional settings on pc's... lots of israelis out there using phones and computers ☺ I downloaded an addition to my phone keyboard in order to use spanish specials like ñ or for french accents. I swipe my backspace to change languages quickly.


    How is it posible to get a hebrew keyboard ? thanks


    How does an english speaker learn this


    is there a way to type in hebrew if you do not have a mac?


    For Windows; add Hebrew keyboard (Region and Language). Use On-Screen Keyboard to see the letters on the keyboard. (Start->All Programs->Ease of Access->On Screen Keyboard)


    I need to learn how to switch to Hebrew keyboard . Can I return to lesson 1 when I have accomplished this?


    how do you you change you key board to hebrew?


    On your phone or tablet's keyboard (where you see your english keyboard) bump usually below the keyboard icon. There in settings it should let you see Hebrew as an option.


    I really need a Hebrew alphabet. Do anyone have a picture with it? Or a link (Sorry for mistakes)


    You can just google it (I found it on Wikipedia)


    'coming' could also be used as מגיעה - MAGI'A, as with באה - BA'A.


    That was what I was thinking! אהבה מגיעה. Is just as true as אהבה באה. Though "Love is coming" is an odd thing to say


    I believe come is בא And arrive is מגיע


    How am I supposed to complete it with no Hebrew alphebet?


    I have to ask... does "love" in this context mean a person, i.e., 'darling' or 'dearest' or 'pookiekins' or something? Or is it the concept itself that is coming?

    Does this phrase mean love, the emotion is what's coming, or is it a reference to a person?



    It means the abstruct idea. Love as a subject


    How do I access a Hebrew keyboard to type my answer?


    The Hebrew font is too tiny & too thin. Also, some basic grammar and a quick overview of the alphabet would help!


    How do I type in Hebrew?


    It depends which device you are using. If you look at the tips and notes for this section there is some advice. If this doesn't help you need to Google how to add a Hebrew keyboard for your device. Whether it is a phone or laptop or tablet, you can then toggle between keyboard languages. Meanwhile you could use a virtual keyboard such as www.branah.com and copy and paste.


    I have a hebrew keyboard but I have to switch and then do onscreen keyboard, it is very annoying.


    i cant type hebrew on my chrome book


    Why do I have to type ה and sometimes don't? Is it about mamasculine and feminine?


    For the 2 verb forms בא and באה, yes: בא is masculine singular and באה is feminine singular. Although many words work that way, there are many exceptions, including feminine words with an ending that looks and sounds masculine, and masculine words with an ending that looks and sounds feminine.

    a908 rich739183


    So love is feminine in hebrew??


    This is freaking tough man lol


    Hello, When should the באה be used and when the בא?


    It's always a good idea to check out the comments in the thread before posting, because this question has already been discussed at lengths and answered.


    I don't have a hebrew keyboard


    It asked me to type this but I don't have a hebrew keyboard on my laptop???


    עדיין לא הגיעה


    I don't have a hebrew keyboard and cannot change it in the settings- i translate the sentence with google translater - then copy and paste- is there an easier way to get hebrew keyword...???


    You cannot add other languages in your device settings? If that is the case than try also www.branah.com/hebrew
    Your goal is impressive. Based on your apparent interest in learning multiple languages I strongly encourage you to use a device that allows you to selectively apply other languages to your keyboard settings menu. That will give you the freedom to change to another language on command. Once you do that you will experience a 'world' of improvement making your tasks so much easier.


    Chi è ita risponda e metta like


    Don’t have a Hebrew keyboard


    If your device settings does not have the feature to select your preferred languages, use a virtual one for example: https://www.branah.com/hebrew. Use the "virtual' keyboard to type what you want, and then copy and paste the hebrew text to the screen you want it applied to. Use Search Engines to help you find one. Years ago, I had the same problem. It's much easier to locate them now.


    I think that a better Hebrew translation is "האהבה באה"


    Maculine verb? Please send a link from any trusted reference. Learning just from tests and practice cannot work.


    What exactly are you asking?


    Hi, Danny, thank you; I've stopped trying to learn Hebrew on Duolingo. It requires too much bumbling around without instruction. Also, I barely know the alphabet, so it's not a good fit for me. Thanks again.


    נראה לי בעיה במערכת


    I don't have the letters on my keyboard. How to I fix this?


    I do not know seemarianne.


    Yes, I don't know you either, and I apologize for messaging you by mistake. I thought I was asking the general discussion. But it's okay anyway. I've given up on Hebrew through Duolingo. Have a great day!


    You did ask in the general section.

    Well, you can fix your problem by downloading the Hebrew keyboard or using a virtual one.


    It accepted the answer אהבה אבא as a "typo." What?!


    Too forgiving ha?


    אהבה באה

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