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  5. "אני רואָה את התות."

"אני רואָה את התות."

Translation:I see the strawberry.

June 21, 2016



It's a trap! How would you say strawberries?


Come on, don't be so nineties...

תותים https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfLHAJrNnsM


why is there a "you"?


There isn't. There are two words with the letters את: et and at. The latter is the female singular of 'you'. The former, the direct object marker (which has no direct translation in English).


Thanks. I was struggling with that as well


But it shows "you" in the hints .. confusing..


That is because computer doesn't recognize context. את can mean several things and we, the learners, should know the difference and chose the meaning based on the context.


I learned strawberry = תות שדה. I see that just תות can mean strawberry (or mulberry, whatever that is) https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D7%AA%D7%95%D7%AA

My question is... is it more common to leave off the "field" part?


Yes it is very common to leave off the field part when referring to strawberry But when I say תות עץ (mulberry) I usually keep the Etz We don't have many kinds of berries in Israel :-(


The way I learned it, תות just means berry.

And that yes, strawberry = תות שדה


Yes, technically, but for some reason strawberry became the default תות


I wrote "i am seeing the strawberry" and it took it as a mistake..what is the difference?


Certain verbs in English are known as stative verbs and under normal circumstances they are never used in the progressive (-ing form).

When we "break the rules", the verbs gain different meanings. In this particular case:

Who's she seeing? = Who is she dating?


It's not really a question, but I have typed "I see the strawberry" and I get " there is another correct solution I see the strawberry." Is the period such an important thing here?


No, duolingo has some glitches in that area.


If you look closely, the alternate "I see the strawberry" contains double space. I think it was creator's unintended error.


In algerian we say tout for raspberry, and fraiz for strawberry


Bro in arabic we say tout توت for all kind of berries except for strawberry that is farawila فراولة.

As for fraiz, it cames from french: fraise. It is said like that in lots of french colonies like algeria tunisia lebanon syria

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