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  5. "אני שוחֶה במים."

"אני שוחֶה במים."

Translation:I am swimming in the water.

June 21, 2016



Would "I swim in the water." Work also?


How could I say : I am swiming in water . (Not in the water)


Bemaim (בְּמים) - in water. Bamaim (בַּמים) - in the water.


Sorry, I hope you don't mind but it's "a lot." It's always two separate words. And I thought you might find this useful as it goes to what you were just asking about: From MODERN HEBREW GRAMMAR by Lewis Glinnert: 4 The definite article ה ‘The’ is usually ה, pronounced ha. It is always prefixed to the noun, e.g. ‘the light’. האור (So, too, are all other one-letter words, such as בְ ‘in’ and כְ ‘as’.) Note: Newsreaders and teachers may pronounce it as הֶ with certain words, but coming from an ordinary person this will sound pedantic. When combining ְב and ְל with ָה the’, one has to run them together to make בָ and לָ , thus בַבוקר in the morning (not בְהַבוקר)

לַסוף to the end Not לְהַסוף


I'm still trying to figure out of the speaker is mispronouncing. Please help me to understand: Is it socheh or shocheh?



Aní soché ba-máyim.

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