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  5. "הן יפות וטעימות!"

"הן יפות וטעימות!"

Translation:They are pretty and tasty.

June 21, 2016



anyone else weirded out by all the tasty people?


It can refer to food, for example you call home from the store and say "do you want me to buy bananas? they look beautiful and tasty את רוצה שאקנה בננות? הן נראות יפות וטעימות.


I'm pretty sure הן can mean both multiple female people or multiple feminine objects, such as food items, but it does sound a bit weird!


Yeah, I am not quite understanding if this is a joke or really an expression in Hebrew for really attractive people.


You can say that someone is tasty = טעים as a form of slang (he's so hot I just want to eat him).


Or kids, for being too cute


Same as in Arabic btw, as a form of slang as well.


In (Brazilian) Portuguese too: gostoso/gostosa


Kkkkkkkkk tem que ser estudado pela nasa esse povo


probably referring to food


Others cant control where your mind goes, but that's what I would say about nice looking cakes.


זה מה שהיא אמרה.


Although this surprised me too and it was probably intended to refer to food (think cupcakes with decorated icing), it could refer to attractive men or women, as they are sometimes called "tasty" too.


Many times, pronouns can aldo mean "it"


Everything including objects and things are female or male in Hebrew. This can be referring to fruits, vegetables or other things. Not necessarily humans.


Slow Claps to whoever created this course. Cleverly sneaks in provocatively-weird-but-still-ambiguous examples and thus bring in people to the discussion forums, which in turn makes the forum very active and helpful to the duo students.


You remember weird more, Gabriel Wyner covers this in fluent forever website & book... Paul, YouTuber & language teacher, at YouTube channel Langfocus made a hilarious Duolingo video of some of these bizarre phrases called Duolingo is the Devil..


Truly, so hilarious I just gave you a lingot. Thank you!


does "they" mean people or food?


Are we talking about chocolate cakes...


Well, how do you say "hot girl/guy" anyhow? I'm guessing it's going to be a while before Duo puts out the bonus flirting skill for Hebrew. :'(


You can use טעים in that sense as well. Many people also use סקסי.


I'm a native Hebrewer living in Israel, never heard טעים in this sense. Admittedly, I might not be hanging out in the right society. I don't know of a word in Hebrew slang which I'd say is the translation of "hot". סקסי is indeed used; I'd imagine it's the translation of "sexy"... Is there a difference in English between "sexy" and "hot"?


I think there are people who are hot (= aesthetically beautiful but I personally don't find them sexy/sexually attractive. ). The words in American English can be used interchangeably (I am a native speaker). I personally don't use sexy to refer to other women, unless it's about their clothing (that dress is too sexy for work) or I know a friend is looking for a certain look and wants confirmation. I don't use hot to refer to a book. I will say a book was sexy or the story was sexy. Hot in reference to story/book is usually referring to a big deal or very popular.

I don't think "hebrewer" is English. Native Hebrew speaker/ Hebrew is your mother tongue.


Thanks for the explanation! I knew I'm inventing the word "Hebrewer", just for the sake of Duolingo, since "Hebrew speaker" is so long to write often. If it doesn't sound as cool as I hoped, I'll stop (-;


'The Hebrewer' would make for a pretty amazing israelian craft beer-maker name, though.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hen yafot ve-te’imot.


<מַשֶּׁהוּ עַל חַנִּיבַעַל לֶקְטֶר>


How do you pronounce delicious?


Ta'ím, t'imá, t'imím, t'imót. The accent indicates the stress. In the latter three there is a schwa sound before the glottal stop.


How come sometimes "beautiful" is acceptable and here, only "pretty" was acceptable?


Because apparently this is meant about food (contrary to what many comments in this discussion imply). In English, can you say about food "beautiful"? If you can would it mean normal "pretty" or something extremely exquisite (very fancy cake or a a chef's dish)? If the latter, in Hebrew you'll want a stronger word than "יפה".


Please write Niqquds. Some times I can't hear to sentences and I can't read worlds without Niqquds correctly.

[Sorry for my bad English


הֵן יָפוֹת וְּטְעִימוֹת.


Do you know how to write niqquds with an iPhone keyboard? I know you hard press the key but it never looks like that for me. Thanks


I think it's uncountable "nikud" [although I've also seen it as nikudot, I'm not sure if using the plural form is a diaspora thing only or not (Jews outside of Israel). I'm learning Hebrew too, so I can't say with any authority if any plural form is correct. The course tips and notes uses the term "nikud."

As for the iPhone issue, are you using the Apple IOS keyboard and did you switch it to Hebrew?

I don't have an iPhone, I do have access to one... I would recommend that you install a third party software to remedy this issue. (the last person who asked, I advised throwing it (iPhone) out the window to be less frustrated... but my second suggestion, if you don't like the first, is to install a third party keyboard app... Like SwiftKey, or Davka App...

I use Swype keyboard on Android, which is no longer updated (it got bought out) but still works well. There was an IOS version, so if SWIFTKEY isn't helpful for you (I really think you'll like it though) you can search for Swype on third party sites and download it.

Let me know how you get on.


Davka Nikud works great on the iPhone if anyone else was interested in knowing how to add vowels to their iPhone keyboard. The IOS system itself does not include the compatibility feature of Hebrew vowels so having a separate app for that is crucial. Thank you!


I have used the translation "Yummy" for טעים and sometimes it is accepted and sometimes not.. Why is that? In this case it was NOT accepted.


I don't know how the background system works, but report it whenever it doesn't go through.


I think that tasty and delicious are accepted throughout. Yummy is quite colloquial/maybe a little childish, I'm guessing it didn't occur to them to add it as a standard translation. However, I think they would probably add it if you reported the sentences where it was not accepted.


Why not "beautiful" just as well as "pretty"? Same Hebrew word. Don't understand why it is wrong.


Here's Duolingo is the Devil, which parodies some of the more bizarre phrases across the language examples... In comparison to some courses examples. Hebrew seems staid! https://youtu.be/BbmXSR_QiP8


Either wrong or right as a sentence; I think there are better examples to learn from than this... IMHO


I will remember this one as the canibal chapter


While this can refer to other things, it did show up after a few sentences about pretty women...


Indeed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


It can has a terible meaning when you are translating this to the brazilian portuguese :v hahaha Forgive me Lord.


Yummy amd tasty means the same thing. Why did I get it wrong?


I pray - that "they" - are non-human -


I answered correctly!


I answered correctly and it marked it as wrong. Grrr.


My answer was correct. Grrr


How would you say "They are pretty tasty" then?


הן די ‏טעימות Hen dei te’imot...Dei means “quite”.


My answer should have been accepted

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