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  5. "הוא לא רופא, אלא חובש."

"הוא לא רופא, אלא חובש."

Translation:He is not a doctor, but a medic.

June 21, 2016



Ah - I was just going to ask if a "medic" was the same as an EMT. In the US an EMT can be in an ambulance, but cannot administer any medications. A paramedic is more similar to an emergency doc (not as high a level or education) - works on an ambulance and can administer medications.

So is a חובש more like an EMT or Paramedic?


The word חובש refers, technically, to someone who dresses wounds. Hope that helps.


And they are not doctors or nurses?


They can be, but don't have to be. See my comment below. Please note that there are also different levels of doctors and nurses, depending on their training and certifications. Further, physician assistants and nurse clinicians can overlap in ability and what they are allowed to do under supervision.


הוּא לֹא רוֹפֵא אֶלָּא חוֹבֵשׁ


אני לא מבין מה אתה רוצה להסביר


Can someone explain what a medic is? I know nurses and doctors, osteopaths and chiropractors, but have no idea what a medic is. I only have a sixty years old dictionary so it's hopeless!


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medic says "A medic is a person involved in medicine such as a medical doctor, medical student and sometimes a medically-trained individual participating in an emergency such as a paramedic or an emergency medical responder." Apparently, there are some differences in usage of the term in the UK vs the US. In the US, a "medic" usually refers to a medical corpman in combat. That is, someone with specialized medical training in the military.


What is an EMT?


Emergency medical technician, basically a doctor that works in an ambulance and handles emergency stuff.


I am a physician and I have a doctor's grade. The expression physician it is mostly, wrongly and nervingly not accepted?!


In English: A paramedic is not a doctor. An EMT is also not a doctor. A paramedic and an EMT are NOT the same things. And there are different levels of EMT certification. It's the difference between a nurse, a physician's assistant and a doctor. They're all medically trained, but there are different levels of training involved.

A medic just works in a medical emergency capacity. I don't know what's involved, I've only heard it used in a military capacity. My doctor was a military doctor, (which is also different than a military medic).


I am a physician and I have a doctor's grade. The expression physician is often npot accepted?!


'Paramedic' is more commonly used in some English-speaking countries.

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