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  5. "זאת האישה."

"זאת האישה."

Translation:This is the woman.

June 22, 2016



Please, what is the difference between זה and זאת? I'm asking because in the suggested translations זאת was "this is", "that is" and "its" (I guess, it is a mistake, because the posessive pronoun does not make any sence at all)


Both of them translate into either this (is) or that (is). זה /ze/ is masculine. זאת /zot/ is feminine. זאת and זו (pronounced /zo/ or /zu/) are interchangeable (they both mean "this/that" (is) and feminine).


Thank you, now it is clear


Zot ha-ishá.


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    This is normal, in Modern Hebrew the difference is no more :) You'll have to memorise how each word is written though, but it's not that hard.

    Yes, there are only 22 letters and some of them even sound the same :)


    OK! I thought so, thank you!


    How do you say "that woman" then? I thought when it's defined it's going to mean "that woman" not "this is the woman"


    "That woman" would be "האישה הזאת".


    That woman would be, אעשה ההיא not


    האישה ההיא.


    It would be nice to have a pronunciation when choosing a word. I can't even read the letters because I can't pronounce them.


    Why do you keep writing the pronunciation in the threads where the pronunciation has already been written? You are creating clutter.


    I'm not sure about this, but I think that sometimes the forum's threads that are visible in the duo's app are not the same as the threads that are visible on the desktop/web-browser version.

    Sometimes, questions are asked that have been asked (or even answered) but that are not visible for the user that's using a particular version of the duo's platform at any given moment.


    I don't think that's the problem. Upvoted comments are always visible, unlike downvoted comments which are sometimes hidden.

    In another thread, a person asked a question that had been extensively discussed there. When I pointed out that to them, they said that they didn't want to waste their time by going through the thread to find the answer and expected someone to simply write out the answer for them. And the reason they didn't want to waste time is precisely because of posts that clutter the discussion, that are made by people who don't bother checking out the thread. It's a vicious cycle.


    I didn't know that up-voted comments are visible across platforms.

    If you eventually find the link of the other discussion it would be great just to see that interaction.

    Although I'm not sure about this messiness being thaaat problematic. I mean, it's not just that we're merely humans, I actually think there's a special kind of fertility and healthy growth in certain types of non-optimized interactions. Too-orderly systems tend to stagnate in general.

    EDIT: tho, there is a delicate balance to achieve between order and chaos. I could understand that given the difficulty of the actual Hebrew course, we could make things a bit easier for everyone......... but..... I personally like A LOT the struggle...

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