"How many women are there in the team?"

Translation:כמה נשים יש בצוות?

June 22, 2016

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That last word typically refers to a unit in the army, not a "team" in the way people think it relates to sports.


צוות is also at work not just in the army


Is a more proper term for something like a sports team קבוצה [k'vutsa]?


In team sports it will be Kvutza not Tzevet


Is it a platoon, a detachment or some other unit?


Kama nashim yesh ba-tsevet?


Again, what I hear in Israel, people would say כמה נשים יש בקבוצה, the word צוות is reserved to the staff of an organization, while קבוצה is something like a soccer team


I assumed that they were talking about a project team, since this is an occupation category to and not sports


How many women are on the team?


Is it wrong to put יש at the beginning of the sentence instead of in the middle?


Yes, it's wrong. In a question, you put the question word first, which is כמה in this example.


What's the difference between כמו and כמה? I thought כמו would be used here because it's feminine.


The two words are totally unrelated. כמה means "how many" or "how much" as a question word, and it can also mean "several". כמה ילדים יש פה? How many children are there here? יש פה כמה ילדים. There are several children here.

On the other hand כמו means "as, like". הוא מהיר כמו סוס. He is as fast as a horse.

The word כמה never changes - it stays the same no matter what gender or number the word it defines is. כמו changes if you add a personal pronoun to it. כמוני is "like me", כמוך is "like you" and so on.


Why is this wrong: "כמה נשים נמצאות בצוות"?


נמצאות can be translated as 'located at' or 'present' which is not the specific meaning DL asked. Your version is not entirely wrong, but there is a difference between the words ''how many are there" (כמה יש) and " how many are located at/present". (כמה נמצאות).

I hope I helped... בהצלחה!


Is בהצוות also correct?


No. The ה gets subsumed into the ב.

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