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  5. "ההופעה הייתה בקיסריה."

"ההופעה הייתה בקיסריה."

Translation:The show was in Caesarea.

June 22, 2016



I'm not an expert, but I believe that's because there is no Nikud on duolingo. When writing in Hebrew with Nikud, you can write היתה with one י. When writing without Nikud, you should write הייתה. You can check Nikud rules for more info.


Specifically, it was probably here.


Why won't it accept "at Caesarea"? It's what you see on videos when they've shot live concert footage/when there's at concert at the amphitheatre there. So it's not only the town name, but where concerts are held - hence the point of this sentence. (Search YouTube for "הופעה בקיסריה" to see what I mean.


I hope it was good!

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