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  5. "טבריה היא לא העיר שחשבנו."

"טבריה היא לא העיר שחשבנו."

Translation:Tiberias is not the city we thought.

June 22, 2016



”הָעִיר שֶׁחָשַׁבְנוּ” שֶׁ… מָה?


Indeed. This is such an awful sentence.


When you say "טבריה היא לא העיר שחשבנו" It means that the city of Tibries is not what you expected or thought about her.

This term is used a lot, for example- 'הוא לא מה שחשבתי' Means that you thought one thing about this person, but after you met him you suprised to find out that he is not what you were thinking about him.


That would be *היא לא העיר שחשבנו שהיא, or היא לא מה שחשבנו. The sentence given here is a confusing mix; this can just as easily be interpreted (or, rather, deciphered) as לא העיר שחשבנו עליה ‘not the city we had in mind’.


Any context for this sentence? What is it referring to?


Tiberias has kind of a reputation for being chintzy and run-down, kinda like Blackpool or Atlantic City. Though last I saw it it was really cleaned up.


"That we thought" should be accepted for שחשבנו


לא יפה לכתוב ככה על מקום שאנשים גרים בו.


“...it was” should be added to the end

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