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  5. "אני לא קונֶה ממךְ!"

"אני לא קונֶה ממךְ!"

Translation:I don't buy from you!

June 22, 2016



How would you say "I won't buy from you!"?


לא אקנה ממך / lo ekne mimekh


Whats the difference between מך and ממך ?


I'm learning too but I don't think it's on it's own, except to be "mach" like mach ten speed or a mach Gillette razor.


(Not a native speaker) from what i gather the extra מ means from, so just writing מך would not be grammatically correct/ convey the same meaning


My keyboard does not support Hebrew vowels.


You don't need it here but I'm sure it does. Both my laptop, Mac. And my mobile phone & tablet (android, different versions) have nikudot). There's a list of options on the Duolingo web discussions for Hebrew, getting started. But I just used settings on my laptop and added a second language and a key combination that switches between languages. On my android devices I use Swype app and have four languages installed (including two versions of English, US & UK. I just pick the languages in the settings and then to switch hold the spacebar for a second.


Natasha, you don't need the vowels.


Is the word קונה always to be pronounced with a stress on the first syllable in this sentence? Or is this specific to the speaker of the audio? I thought that the second syllable is usually stressed like in שותה. At least this is what I frequently hear from other audio examples.


It should be with stress on the 2nd syllable, and this is what I hear in the recording here.


Does this figuratively mean "I don't believe you"?


No. That'll be "I don't buy it."

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