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  5. "חלב חם."

"חלב חם."

Translation:Hot milk.

June 22, 2016



Is it like in Spanish that the adjective comes after the noun? :)


Usually yes


How would one say "milk is hot"?


This way.

You can avoid the confusion by using "חלב הוא חם" for "milk is hot".


Could this not also mean milk is hot?


It could, but usually doesn't. If you want to specify, you can say "חלב הוא חם"


I wrote "milk is hot", but I suppose it would then have been "החלב חם".


Milk is hot - חלב הוא חם But it is a strange sentence, I think, because it means that some milk, or milk in general is hot.

The milk is hot - החלב חם When we have the definite prefix ה, we don't need הוא.

The hot milk - החלב החם Both words get the ה prefix.


how can I distiguish the pronunciation of ח and כ?


The letter כ has two prononciations. It's either pronounced exactly like ק, or exactly like ח. Without niqqud (those little dots people never use) you can't really tell which pronounciation it is, sorta like the english letter C, you just have to know.

Basically, to answer your question, they're pronounced the same.


Why are both "hot" and "warm" accepted? Warm is less than hot, isn't it?


In English, yes, but a lot of languages make little or no distinction between the two.


So, ive decided that i will not be asking for bread or milk when i go to israel.


כתבתי חלב חם hot milk ולא נתן שזה נכון בסוף כותבים אותו דבר איל לא נתן שזה בסדר מישו יכול להסביר?!!


Is this a thing in isreal, warm milk? I just drink it straight from the fridge


Who can help me with the pronunciation, I don't get it


I typed the answer in English. It Did not request how to type the answer, English or hebrew.


I answered "A hot milk". but it was not accepted! Why?


Milk is uncountable. You can't say "a milk".


I beg to differ, If I am asked what drink I would like, I can answer, "a hot milk".


How do I get the hebrew keyboard?


In case you haven't gotten this sorted out yet... if you're on a Mac, go to "System Preferences," and click "Keyboard." Once you're on that page, click "Input Sources" and then look for a + sign. Click that and a list of languages will come up. Choose Hebrew and click "Add." The instructions for switching between keyboards should show up when you click "Shortcuts" and then "Input Sources."

Edit: If you're using Windows, I'm sorry, but I can't help you there.


i typed the correct answer however it told me am wrong !!


How do you type in Hebrew?


Check out the Welcome page for the Hebrew course: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16251269. If you scroll down to the part that talks about keyboard stickers, you'll see how to download a Hebrew keyboard (different instructions depending on if you have a Windows or Mac computer). I'd also highly recommend you purchase a Hebrew keyboard cover. I bought mine on Amazon for $6 and it is a HUGE help. Hope that helps ya!


Thanks. I was trying the placement test so I hadn't gotten to the info page yet I don't think. I found a quickie alternative which is to type here and copy/paste https://www.branah.com/hebrew


Hot milk? Ew...


It's for coffee. You add hot milk to coffee if you want your coffee to stay hot.

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