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Hebrew Duolingo

Hello anyone who chooses to read this,

I'd also like the Duolingo staff to see, as well.

I started the Hebrew course today. I would like to raise the concern that it is very difficult to type Hebrew on my American PC, as I do not know the Hebrew keyboard layout. Would Duolingo be able to put an on screen keyboard to help?

I tried to do Hebrew on my phone, but "it is not supported" - to mobile development department, can you guys make it supported, it would be much easier to type on my phone!

(I am accustomed to handwriting my Hebrew, so typing is kind of strange to me.)

June 22, 2016



New courses usually become available in apps after ≈1-2 months of beta. Use the browser version of Duolingo on mobile.


I'm trying to figure this out too! I'm gonna check back on this post soon to hopefully see some good answers!


For the time being I could suggest using a virtual keyboard, smth like http://gate2home.com/Hebrew-Keyboard


I have an android phone with google keyboards installed one of the languages they have is Hebrew. Working a charm for me (I am accessing the course via chrome google web browser). Lexigos is a good site I like to use when I need a Russian keyboard, I haven't checked yet but I'm hoping there is a Hebrew keyboard on there too?


Mobile device + browser version of course works.


and to add to that, you can get an app called Puffin which runs Adobe flash as well as runs as if it were a computer.


how to use the keyboard in english for write hebrew ?

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