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  5. "מטרתנו היא לעזור לכם!"

"מטרתנו היא לעזור לכם!"

Translation:Our objective is to help you!

June 22, 2016



I like how this guy speaks... it is slow and clear enough to catch!


It's funny... someone who fancies themselves a such a polyglot but doesn't know how to actually talk to people!


Does "purpose" work instead of "objective?"


Objective, purpose or goal should all work equally well.


What's the word without it being added to NU. מרטה? And how to pronounce it, martá?


Loving_inch, Pealim says matara and the plural is matarot.


Now Duolad sounded more like a commercial than in any other sentence and he has had quite the competition.


my god, can you stop with all of these comments? you are so toxic... >< we got you: you don't like the pronunciation in this course; no need to write it under every exercise


Not all recordings were bad. The main issue, aside from unnatural inflection, is the weird elongation of the last vowels of sentences. This one was just particularly bad. I’m pointing it out so it can be digitally edited.


If you want DuoLingo to edit anything you need to write it in their feedback (the flag next to the symbol to this comment forum). This forum is only for us users to ask questions and share knowledge.

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