Qu'est-ce que vous pensez à cette phrase que j'ai écrite ?

Hey there fellow Duolingo users! This morning, I was thinking about how to say something in French, and I did make a translation, but it seems wrong to me. Please help me correct it if it is wrong. Here it is;

English: I wish that I knew what they were saying

Français: Je souhaite que je susse ce qu'ils disaient

So, what do you think? Please help me correct it. Thanks so much and have a nice day!

June 22, 2016


You cannot "Souhaite" in the past.

I propose : J'aurais aimé savoir ce qu'ils disaient.

Or maybe (but less sure) : Je souhaitais savoir ce qu'ils disaient.

June 22, 2016

That seems pretty legit!¡!¡! Thx m8

"I knew what they were saying" in french: "J'ai su ce qu'ils disaient" But with "I wish" before, you can tell : "J'aurais aimé savoir ce qu'ils disaient" or "J'aurais souhaité savoir ce qu'ils disaient" ;D

Title: "que pensez-vous de cette phrase... ?"

I wish I knew can translate to:

  • j'aimerais (bien) savoir
  • je voudrais (bien) savoir

"je souhaite que" is followed by a subject different from "je". If the subject is the same in both clauses, please use an infinitive.

  • j'aimerais que tu saches
  • j'aimerais savoir

This is the list of verbs that can be followed by another verb in infinitive: aimer/aimer mieux, aller, compter, croire, daigner, devoir, entendre, espérer, faire, falloir, (s')imaginer, laisser, oser, penser, pouvoir, prétendre, savoir, sembler, sentir, valoir mieux, venir, voir and vouloir.

Thanks so much!! I have one question, though; does that mean that you could say "je souhaite que tu susses ce qu'ils disaient"? (I wish that you knew what they were saying)

Je souhaite que tu saches ce qu'ils disaient = I want/would like you to know what they were saying.

I wish you knew what they said = j'aimerais/voudrais (bien) que tu saches ce qu'ils disaient/ont dit.

I wish you had known what they said = j'aimerais/voudrais (bien) que tu aies su ce qu'ils disaient/ont dit.

Je souhaitais que tu aies su ce qu'ils disaient = I wanted/wished you to know what they said/were saying.

*be aware that 'susse(s)' is never used because is it a rare tense and also because of its homophone 'suce(s)'.

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