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  5. "Este vaso es grande."

"Este vaso es grande."

Translation:This glass is big.

January 29, 2013



So, "Este" is used here because "vaso" is a masculine noun, no? And it is specifically "this large" (vase or glass). So the application of "Este", (ending in an "e"), is because it is a masculine noun, and it is specifically a vase or glass that has been uniquely identified during the conditions under which this statement is made. Is this correct thinking? Please advise, I man edit this so others are not confused depending on the input from others, thank you.


Spot on, exactly that.


A vase is 'un florero', un vaso is a glass!!! Get your act together duolingo!!!


I put esto and I've read on here and other websites but still don't understand why that's wrong. Esto is gender neutral so why can't it be este or esto? I understand esta would be wrong since vaso is masculine. Does Spanish only allow gender neutral terms if the object/subject is unknown?


Yes, I believe that is exactly it. Since we know it is vaso, you have to use este. Esto is used in a more general way when talking about more abstract/unknown things. "This will be the end." "I could get used to this." Same with ese. "Is that what you mean?"

I am not fluent, but this is the way that I understand it. A good practice would be to make sure the gender of your noun (if present) and adjective/whatever always match. If there is no noun, THEN you can use the neutral term.


That cleared up my long time confusion on este and esto. Many thanks and have a lingot.


why doesn't it accept cup?


cup is taza, vaso is glass. From my understanding, taza usually refers to a tea or coffe cup with a handle, whereas vaso denotes a glass is used for just about everything else


Does anyone else have problems hearing the proper consonants sometimes? I listened to the recording 4 times and heard "paso" instead of "vaso" each time (even though I was confused and knew it was wrong). I know it's difficult to get clearer recordings, but I tend to have this problem a lot. :(


Yes, when she says certain words I can't understand her. It isn't that the words are difficult, I just can't understand the robotic voice at times, she pronounces certain words in a really weird way. :/


It's called an accent


How about an effing tutorial when we get something wrong? This guessing which word to use is time-consuming and frustrating. Is there a portion of the site I'm not seeing that shows examples, or a video, or something?


Try tiny cards for Duo Lingo. It helped me a lot. Without that component it's more difficult to learn.


If you visit the Duolingo website in a browser on a computer rather than the app, there is a small lightbulb icon available when you click on each category that gives you some grammatical pointers.


Doesn't grande also mean huge?


why doesn't "huge" work?


"Huge" means "enorme", more big


I found something odd. I wrote 'This cup is big' and it was marked wrong. Interestingly, one of the meanings of vaso was mentioned as cup, shouldn't my answer be accepted as right? Thanks


So estE is masculine And EstA is feminine?


why can't it be esto ? ehat is the differance between esto and este


I wrote "this cup is big" and it said wronf


Sounds like You are confused

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