"The captain overcomes everything."

Translation:הקברניט מתגבר על הכל.

June 22, 2016

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How about "סרן"? It isn't clear whether you are talking about a ship captain or an army captain or a police captain..


Tal, it's in another Duolingo comment, it's a sea captain. That seren is a captain (military rank). If you search the duolingo discussions, it's the comments for the sentence: the farmer wears a black shirt

But it's the same spelling קברניט on Wiktionary for a Commodore.


Call me crazy, but answering a question correctly (or as expected) should not depend on context from another question.

If you only want to accept קברניט as the correct answer, then the English should say "sea captain" to make it clear and unambiguous. If you prefer to leave the English as "captain", then you should accept any/every Hebrew word meaning "captain" since there is nothing in this sentence fragment ("overcomes everything") that makes it clear that you could only be talking about a sea captain. Police captains and army captains could also be someone who "overcomes everything."


Kabarnit mitgaber al hakol

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