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  5. "I am a dove."

"I am a dove."

Translation:אני יונה.

June 22, 2016



This could mean my name is yonah?


Yes, but it sounds a bit weird though


Yes it could be I used to know someone with that name


Yonah is the name of one of the prophets in the Jewish Bible. It is also a sign for peace


' My name is Yonah' would be ' קוראים לי יונה.


Is the word "dove" in Hebrew used politically, as it is in English, or only literally to mean the bird?


The dove as a symbol (purity, love, spirit) would date back to the Hebrew bible, and is brought into Western culture from that original source.


Yes יונה means dove


When used politically it's used in an adjective form: יוני. The opposite - hawk is ניצי


What exactly is the breakdown of the pronunciation of each letter in יונה?


Though it's not exact, based on english it would be: like y - י like a long o, in this context - ו alone, like an n, in this word has a vowel that makes it say "na" with an a as in 'papa' or 'mama' - נ at the end of this word, silent - ה


The letter י (yod) is Y
The letter ן (vav) can be V or O, here it is O
The letter נ (nun) is N
The letter ה (hei) is H but some people don't pronounce it

This gives you יונה, yonah, which can mean "dove" or the first name Jonah.

(Even though you probably made this comment a long time ago [can't see dates on the app], learners may still find this helpful.)


Really helpful. Todah Rabah, Robbadob.


I am only 11 i have been using duolingo since i was 9 but i still dont understand


Why is the translation for "a dove" not: "היונה"? Sometimes there ist an ה befor the word for the "a" or "the" and sometimes not. Is there a rules for this?


the letter ה before a word means "the" and is pronounced "ha" (sometimes formally "heh")


Cuz the ה - means the


Do both apostrophes get placed?


Those actually aren't apostrophes. The "י" is actually a letter, typically making a "y" sound or sharp "e" sound depending on placement in a word


There are three Hebrew letters that are basically vertical lines, but they differ in size. I like to think of them as the "Three Bears". Yod, the smallest vertical letter (that looks more like an apostrophe) is the "Baby Bear". Then Vav, the medium-sized vertical line, is the "Mama Bear", and the final form of Nun is a large vertical line that's the "Papa Bear".

Yod is basically the Hebrew letter Y, while Vav is the letter V (but can also be used as an "o" or "u" vowel. The final form of Nun simply appears at the end of a word (you would otherwise use the standard Nun). Nun is one of five letters that has a final form as well as its regular form.

Don't ask me which letter is Goldilocks, though. :-)


Mem מ looks a bit like a little girl.

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