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  5. "האם הן טובות?"

"האם הן טובות?"

Translation:Are they good?

June 22, 2016



Do you put האם before every question?


No, "האם" isn't necessary. You could say "?הן טובות" and by the inflection of your voice it would be a question not a statement. By adding "האם" you are making it more obviously a question. I'd say it's more common when speaking to leave the "האם" off. :)

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Right. It's very often left off in speech. This is similar to English: "they're good?" can be substituted for "are they good?", except that in English it doesn't make it shorter. But you can leave it on. It won't make you sound pretentious.

In writing don't leave it off. It comes off as uneducated.


Thank you, thank you!


Yes ! It confused me when i answered the question and it isn't necessary


כן, הן טובות מאוד.

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