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  5. "זה ספר יפֶה."

"זה ספר יפֶה."

Translation:This is a nice book.

June 22, 2016



How would one say "This book is nice"?


הספר הזה יפה


I don't like that you can't listen to it slowly, like in the other languages I learn. For me it's still so hard and what I hear is just 'seseferiufer'... I don't make a sentence of that.


In the other languages they use an automated voice, which is easier to program to slow down. There is no automated voice for Hebrew (anywhere in the world, so I hear), so all the audio is recorded by a living person. Hence there are more limitations.


They now have an option on the app (not the site) to slow down the Hebrew speech.


Why does it insist on the nikkud under the פ? Would that normally be used in writing? My keyboard doesn't have a way to type nkkud, but duolingo called it a typo without it.


Was it an audio exercise by any chance? For some reason, Duolingo expects nikkud in audio exercises, and marksman a lack of nikkud as a typo, even though it's not a problem anywhere else. It's a fault of the software; I am not a native speaker, but as far as I know, it's normal to simply write יפה and for the difference in pronunciation to be derived from context.


You could try the Hebrew Nikud Keyboard Free in Google Play. I use it with my Samsung Galaxy S7 and it works quite good. When I swipe down I can switch between the standard Hebrew keyboard and this fancier one.


Yes and no. Traditionaly most letters have nikkudot to help with knowing which word is which and pronunciation. Like in the multiple choice it had the generic and femme version of יפה. Thus they put the nikkudot. But more modern lessons have removed nikkudot. I can't say how its done in Israel but my school had an Israeli teacher for 4th grade who removed nikkudot entirely for עברית class while the American teachers insisted on learning All nikkudot to read the חומש. I personally have never been able to read too well with out nikkudot, I always mess something up.


I believe this problem is fixed now.


Why "Nice" every other time beautiful has been correct. I have some very beautiful books


Should be accepted.


Why is there is no translation shown? Ther was an Audio and I should type what I hear. I was right but the translation is not shown anymore...


I never heard of someone with the problem of not having the translation shown. The translation here is

This is a nice book.


No, masculine.


I thought that ספר was a fem. word. So shouldn't the answer be זאת ספר יפה instead of זה ספר יפה ?


The word ספר is masculine.


That book is nice ??


No, that would be הספר הזה יפה. It takes a while, but you'll get used to making the distinction.


Why is it not "this book is beautiful"?


That would be הספר הזה יפה.

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