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  5. "Ga i baned o siocled?"

"Ga i baned o siocled?"

Translation:May I have a cup of chocolate?

June 22, 2016



Why a cup of chocolate shouldn't it be hot chocolate? is there a separate wort for hot chocolate


I agree. A "cup of chocolate" sounds very odd in English! It seems wrong without "hot".


It does... I'm picturing a cup filled with pieces of a broken up chocolate bar!


I've seen siocled poeth i.e. literally "hot chocolate".


Given that people usually ask for "a cup of cocoa", and almost never "a cup of chocolate", shouldn't the former be a suitable translation?


No. cocoa - coco:

  • Ga i baned o goco? - May I have a cup of cocoa

(Hot) chocolate is quite a common drink in Britain.


Couldn't it just be asking for (a piece of) (solid) chocolate? How would you ask that?


Ga i siocled?

To specify "a piece" I might try Ga i ddarn o siocled?

The baned (cup) here hints that this is requesting something to drink rather than something solid. But I suppose one could ask for a cup made of (a wneir o) chocolate... I think that would be Ga i baned a wneir o siocled?

[deactivated user]

    I answered " may I have a cup of chocolate" and it was marked wrong? Confused as the correct answer was identical

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