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  5. "Ga i baned o siocled?"

"Ga i baned o siocled?"

Translation:May I have a cup of chocolate?

June 22, 2016



Why a cup of chocolate shouldn't it be hot chocolate? is there a separate wort for hot chocolate


I've seen siocled poeth i.e. literally "hot chocolate".


I agree. A "cup of chocolate" sounds very odd in English! It seems wrong without "hot".


It does... I'm picturing a cup filled with pieces of a broken up chocolate bar!


As it's chocolate, and chocolate is always sold in mugs not cups, I tried that as a translation - but it wasn't accepted. Is there a separate word in Welsh for "mug"?

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I think 'mug of chocolate' is OK as a translation, that's added now. The adapted loan word 'mwg' is sometimes used, that's pronounced with a short vowel 'w' to differentiate it from the Welsh word for smoke which has the same spelling but with a long vowel 'w'.


Thanks. You really are very quick responding in this Welsh course - congratulations!


Given that people usually ask for "a cup of cocoa", and almost never "a cup of chocolate", shouldn't the former be a suitable translation?


No. cocoa - coco:

  • Ga i baned o goco? - May I have a cup of cocoa

(Hot) chocolate is quite a common drink in Britain.


Couldn't it just be asking for (a piece of) (solid) chocolate? How would you ask that?


Ga i siocled?

To specify "a piece" I might try Ga i ddarn o siocled?

The baned (cup) here hints that this is requesting something to drink rather than something solid. But I suppose one could ask for a cup made of (a wneir o) chocolate... I think that would be Ga i baned a wneir o siocled?


The system took ages to respond and then showed red with an answer identical to mind - this is it pasted: "ga i baned o siocled"


I answered " may I have a cup of chocolate" and it was marked wrong? Confused as the correct answer was identical

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