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  5. "הוא שמח."

"הוא שמח."

Translation:He is happy.

June 22, 2016



How would you say "she is happy"? I mean, how would you pronounce it?


היא שמחה

Hi smeh'kha


And how is הוא meaning he pronounced?


He is pronounce like who (hu), She is pronounced like he (hi), And who is pronounced like me (mi).


As Heysoos1 pointed out, there's a bit of a chain when it comes to Hebrew pronoun translations, which can be confusing but also makes it fun to say. Just remember that "mi" means who, "hoo" means he, and "hee" means she.


Please explain when we should use א or not. It seems to be added to some words but not others that have exactly the same vowel. For example, why do "hoo" and "hee" need an א at the end, instead of just הו and הי? Duolingo does not provide the explanation for this. It seems random.


That's the spelling of the word. Something that's acquired by reading and practice.

Like explaining all silent 'g's in English

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