"Bạn ba lượt để chạy."

Translation:You have three turns to run.

June 22, 2016


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"you have three turns to run" without a context seems unnatural. Could it possible mean "You have 3 turns left" (You have 3 turns until its my turn) ?

December 7, 2016


I'd like clarification on this one too. Does the phrase mean '... turns left' or '... turns to go' rather than turns or attempts in some sort of event which actually involves running or sprinting. Can someone give a definitive answer?


This sentence doesn't make as much sense contextual. It literally means "You have 3 turns to run". A better sentence would be "You have 3 turns to play": "Bạn có ba lượt để chơi"


What is turn in this case? What's the meaning of the sentence?


It's "an opportunity or obligation to do something that comes successively to each of a number of people" (From oxforddictionaries.com: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/turn)


Thanks. I'm aware of the general meaning of the word, just wondering in what context you would have a certain number of turns to run. Turns like in a game, I suppose?


In a race, you might have 3 turns to beat the fastest time?


This is helpful. Here is how I would describe the situations for use of the word. “Opportunity” or “chance” as in “It is your/my/her/his turn” in a game or sport. “Obligation” as in “It is your/my/her/his turn” for family chores, work tasks, military orders. BTW, for years, I have used Oxford dictionaries as a source for not only definitions but also for usage and history of usage.


Would tries be an acceptable way to think of luot?


Maybe like 3 people are in front of you and then it's your turn to run, but I also feel it could be the threatening you have 3 seconds to run

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