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  5. "אנחנו רצים למקלט."

"אנחנו רצים למקלט."

Translation:We are running to the shelter.

June 22, 2016



Are the words for radio receiver and shelter related? They're both spelt מקלט.


Yes, they both come from the root "ק.ל.ט" which means "receive".


Oh, ישׁ לנו מקלֵט במקלָט would be a tricky sentence!


i here rotzim not ratzim. want not run, hard to here this sites voices.


She definitely sounded like she said rotzim to me.


How do you spell the name of the bomb shelter room they build in the relatively new apartments called something like "mamad"?


It's an acronym, and it's spelled ממ"ד. It stands for מרחב מוגן דירתי.


On the streets of Tel-Aviv and Yaffo you often see a sign מקלט ציבורי Which I guess is a public shelter


Can מקלט be also used to describe an animal shelter?


Interesting question. While the idea of a "shelter room" would seem rather strange, in Israel it's just a part of life, as an emergency defense against attack. While most Israelis have never needed to use one, you could think of "shelter drills" as almost the Israeli equivalent to "fire drills", where everyone is raised knowing what they are and how to use them.

So because the use of מקלט is so cemented as a concept, you'd need to be more specific if you wanted someone to know you were talking about an animal shelter.

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