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"What is the name of this hotel?"

Translation:איך קוראים לבית המלון הזה?

June 22, 2016



" מה השם של המלון הזה" should also be right


Yes, report it.


In every day Hebrew, and in written Hebrew, the word "hotel" does not take the word "house" in front of it. That use ceased about fifty years ago.


Welcome to DuoLingo...


Why is קוראים plural?


Well, the third person plural WITHOUT a subject like הֵם produces an impersonal sentence: "how does one call..."


That is related to the fact that the subject is a "dummy subject" (נושא סתמי), which is indefinite. On another perspective, think of the phrase "what is your name", or in Hebrew "what do they call you" (איך קוראים לך?). Here too, the subject is not defined, and the best (literal) English translation is "they".


Where are the dashes in these exercises? Would we see them normally in texts or written Hebrew?


Well, a dash (–) is called קַו מַפְרִיד in Hebrew, literally a dividing line.


This lesson is the "construct state," and the nouns formed are supposed to be joined with a hyphen but none of the exercises have any. That is why I am asking if the hyphen is used at all.


Ah, you mean מַקֵּף like in בֵּית־הַמָּלוֹן hotel. It is always optional in Modern Hebrew, but it is quite common in Hebrew typography and most books and newspapers use it. You do not need it in Duolingo, because it is cumbersome to type, not being part of the elementary Hebrew keyboard.


This sucks, as almost none of the hebrew suggestions appear on the buttons below!


Shouldn't the English translation be "How do we call...". I know there is a post about "מה השם"which is the English suggested, but .....

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