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"אני גבוה מדי, לכן אני לא עומד."

Translation:I am too tall, therefore I am not standing.

June 22, 2016



I can't hear the last syllable of the sentence clearly. If anything it sounds like "n" not "d". Is anybody else having that problem?


Yes, I have that problem, too.


I only hear the vocalic sound at the end: /o. me/. Which is weird, because it does not look like that the speaker was cut halfway through.
Maybe it is a sound weakening tendency for actual speakers? But since he does clearly enunciate the last consonant in other sentences, I cannot decide.


The audio was clearly cut off by whoever did the audio editing.


aní gavoah midáy, lachén aní lo oméd.


Shouldn't "I am too tall, so I don't stand" be an acceptable answer? It means the same thing in English as the English translation provided


Yes, I know, but there isn't one way to translate something from Hebrew to English. In English, "therefore" and "so" or "...and so" mean the exact same thing in certain contexts, because they convey the same meaning (which is what languages are supposed to do).


"Therefore" is considerably more formal than "so", as is לכן in relation to אז.


I think 'so' should be accepted as well as 'therefore' because most English speakers would be more likely to use it in this case ('therefore' feels too formal for this context), even though 'therefore' is literally correct.


Could you say "thus" instead of "therefore"?


What's about "because of that"?


am too tall therefore I do not stand this answer is correct, therefore, it should be accepted. So much for therefore!


I was up to try your answer next time I got this exercise. And this was just now. So here you go: "I am too tall therefore I do not stand." was accepted. If you put "am too tall therefore..." it is not correct and was not accepted.


I wrote 'I am too tall, therefore I don't stand'. I think this should be accepted. It is already complicated for someone to learn a languish from a different languish than it's own languish (I normally speaks French)

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