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  5. "אנחנו הילדים."

"אנחנו הילדים."

Translation:We are the children.

June 22, 2016



אנחנו העולם, אנחנו הילדים


A moment of silence for those who don't know the Hebrew word for world. We are the world, we are the children!


I thought of that song too :D


Is the beginning of הילדים here being pronounced like "high", or is it just me? I'm hearing it as "high-ladim"...


That is the definite article (the). In Hebrew it is attached to the word following it. Children: ילדים (yeladim), THE children: הילדים (ha-yledim). Men: גברים (gvarim), THE men: הגברים (ha-gvarim); and so on.


Israelis pronounce ה as א sound many times.


That's what I'm hearing as well... with a very soft "h" at the beginning, almost silent.


My son told me the Israelis pronounce the ha ה, as an א sound many times.


That's what it sounds like to me too but I'm wondering if the guy in the recording just mispronounced it... ???


I hear the h as ha, the guy does not pronounce it wrong


I tried to sing it in hebrew "אנחנו העולם, אנחנו הילדים" hahaha


anáchnu ha-yeladím.


של חורף, שנת 73...


Everytime my girlfriend hears "we are the children" in Hebrew while I practice, she starts singing the song.

[deactivated user]

    Could this mean "we are the boys"?


    Yes. If it didn't accept it, you are welcome to report.


    why don't we need a direct object before the children


    Because there is no direct object in the sentence; “the children” is a predicate to “we”.


    Ok does somebody know why we don't use את before הילדים in this sentence. Tia


    Because את is used only when you have a definite direct object. There is no object here.


    No. We are the boys אנחנו הבנים We are the girls אנחנו הבנות We are the children אנחנו הילדים אנחנו הילדות


    Never mind. I guess I was mispelling it?


    Why I can't say "we are kids"?


    This is in the tips and notes.

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    Botinok, because there is a "hey" attached to yeladim.

    We are kids = אנחנו ילדים = Anachnu yeladim.

    We are the kids = אנחנו הילדים. = Anachnu ha'yeladim.

    (I'm learning Hebrew as well, just further along in the course).


    WE ARrRE the WOOOorld


    As said before,I can't type hebrew letters on my pc !


    As it has been written numerous times in the forum, you need to download the Hebrew keyboard yourself. It's done in the language settings of your computer.

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