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  5. "Вы интересуетесь балетом?"

"Вы интересуетесь балетом?"

Translation:Are you interested in ballet?

June 22, 2016



Isn't "Are you interested in the ballet?" also correct? I know the question is asking about ballet in general, so my point is really about the English, not Russian. I've always understood "the ballet" to refer to the "field" of ballet in general.


Yeah, just like 'the theatre' etc. the article is sometimes used when talking about the general concept.


I gave the same answer, and I'm wondering how would the Russian look in that case. Not worth debating, maybe, because you couldn't get native English speakers to agree on whether the inclusion of the article makes it more or less specific without a lot more context.


Yes, as a native speaker I would understand it as a general question, unless I was at a performance and had my eyes closed. :)


балетом is instrumental case because the verb интересоваться is used with the instrumental case.


Is there a difference between this construction and <вам нравится балет>?

Not simply the difference in translation, but is there a regional difference, or is one more sophisticated, for example?


Neither the fast nor the slow version of this sentence sounds like the speaker is asking a question. She seems to be reminding the listeners of their interest in ballet. Don't Russians have an upward inflection in the voice at the end of a question?


Why are none of the transliterations that have worked perfectly up until now working, just as of this lesson? Four mistakes now that would have been marked correct yesterday. If I have to type in Cyrillic, why make this mandatory now?


а можно как-то с do сказать? do you interest for или in или какой будет предлог, или вообще это возможно?


Not really. You could rephrase and say "Does ballet interest you?", but that's not really a translation of the Russian. This is like using интересовать (кого?) instead of интересоваться (кем/чем?). "To be interested" conjugates like "to be" and the only prepositions I can think of are either "in" or nothing ("I am interested").


What is the difference between " interesuetec" and "interesueshsa" ?

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