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  5. "מה נשמע?"

"מה נשמע?"

Translation:How are you?

June 22, 2016



Personally, I feel the translation "How are you?" is misleading. "What's up?" would be better.

I knew someone who answered "רדיו" whenever I asked him "?מה נשמע". It took me 3 months until I got the joke: "What is heard?" "The radio."


I LOVE when people share personal stories on here. Toda


I have a friend who says "The sky." Everytime I ask her "What's up?" Hahaha it's cool to hear that kind of humor reaches across languages haha


If someone asks "מה נשמע?", can you answer with a translation of "fine"?


Yes, there are several standard answers that are pretty much "fine": בסדר, הכל בסדר, הכל טוב.


Is this any different to מה שלומך? Would you use them in different situations or just interchangeably?


I believe it has to do with formality... Like you might say "?מה נשמע" to a friend, whereas you might would use "?מה שלומך" with someone you just met, or for that one cashier you repeatedly bump at the grocery store... That's just my current assumption though. I could be totally and completely wrong, haha. . Any native speakers out there able to shed some better light on the usages?


The phrase מה נשמע literally means "What will we hear" and is used to ask "What's new" or something similar. I'm not an expert, but it sounds like something that would be used in a more familiar setting. This is how I learned it from another program. Anyone else have insight into this? שלום


Actually, the literal meaning is not "what will we hear", but it is "what is heard" .. Just for the general knowledge ;)


Actually the literal meaning is both (-: Coincidence of the Hebrew verb templates.


Does this expression address to a female or a male?


It's a bit like saying "How are things?" Although it's not close to being a literal translation!


This expression works for a group too." ? שלום לכולם, מה נשמע


since the word refers to sound/heard - is this like our saying "What's new?" referring to any news you've heard lately?


I guess this was a historical step in ?מה נשמע's way to become a generic meaningless greeting, which it is now. We have מה חדש?, which probably matches "What's new?" exactly.


Since it means "what do we hear" -literally-,

then why isn't "how's everything" accepted ?

It implies this general meaning of "what's going around....?" / "what's new"


מה נשמע?, מה קורה? are informal way of greeting ,you probably will not say to some you don't know מה נשמע, מה קורה you would say then just SHALOM or SHALOM LECHA/LACH and only then you can say MA NISHMA and MA KORE but MA KORE is more slang and used between youngers mostly. Now HOW ARE YOU, which is not formal in hebrew, will be literally "EICH ATA (masculine) and EICH AT (feminine). it is not so popular as MA NISHMA or MA KORE but is quite common as well. Formally, you will greet with SHALOM, after saying shalom and got responded back with SHALOM you can add MA NISHMA, that will kind of brake the ice of formality after each one of you understood you are OK one with each other.


"How are you?" and "How are you doing?" both seem to translate 'מה נשמע', right?


Should also accept "what's happening?"


That would be "מה קורה"


ah, good to know :)


I learned this previously as "what's up?", but this says "How are you?". Can it go both ways?


yes. it can also be "how are you doing?"


Maybe - "what have your heard" or "what's new"


קורע שהכול היה הו אר יו


The sound does not play!!!!!


Whats the difference between, "mah koreih", "mah nishma", and "mah shlamcha"?


They are not very different. Different people might give you different nuances. Here is my take: מה נשמע is my (and many others') default - I'd say it to anyone, from colleagues at work, through small shop owners I visit often enough to know one another, to my wife when we meet at home after work. I expect some bland answer, unless there's something really special they want to share.

Now מה קורה is the same, except it's slang of a somewhat younger generation. I though I tend not to use it, but now I'm not 100% sure...

Lastly, מה שלומך rings to me like having a bit more concern - maybe you have been unwell, and I want to know whether you're better (or worse) now.


Here are the correct pronunciation for מה שלומך. To a man or boy, ma shlomkha. To a woman or girl, ma shlomeikh.


Almost - the last one should be /ma shlomekh/.


Pretty sure people use it as "whats up" instead


Is נשמע pronounced "nishma" or "nishuma"?

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