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  5. "ילדה טובה."

"ילדה טובה."

Translation:Good girl.

June 22, 2016



Could this be translated as "A girl is good", since there's no indefinite article or "is" in Hebrew?


If you wanted to say "a girl is good", you would say ילדה היא טובה.


An earlier example (הספר יפה) was translated as "the book is beautiful." I had put down "the beautiful book" and got it wrong. That sentence has the definite article ה , whereas this example is indefinite. Still, the lessons are a bit inconsistent -- without an explicit verb for to be, it's not always clear to those of us who are learning whether you mean "good girl", "a good girl", "a girl is good", or "a good girl is".


Read the tips and notes, all will become clear.


Yeah, I've read all the tips and notes, and I still don't think there's a clear distinction between "A girl is good" and "Good Girl."


A girl is good ילדה היא טובה

A good girl ילדה טובה

The girl is good הילדה טובה

The good girl הילדה הטובה


The difference is when equating one thing to another e.g. a girl is good, a dog is an animal (in this case "girl"/"dog" is the subject) ילדה היא טובה כלב הוא חיה

Unlike when you're describing the noun like a good girl, a brown dog. ילדה טובה כלב חום

If you think of these as full sentences, rather than fragments you'd get "she's a good girl" (in this case "she" is the subject and you are describing her), which would translate as היא ילדה טובה


You are correct. But it is often clear from context and intonation.


I hade the same thought.

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