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  5. "עגבנייה טעימה."

"עגבנייה טעימה."

Translation:A tasty tomato.

June 22, 2016



Aaaahhh, this is so confusing! Previously what we learned should lead to translating this sentence as "The tomato is tasty". But suddenly it seems wron and another word is needed. I am completely confused.


Yah. Until now, a complete sentence, "A tomato is tasty." Had always been correct. Now, suddenly, the program asserts ONLY the sentence fragment is correct. I reported it, and got a check box to say my answer should have been accepted. That suggests to me this is a problem they're trying to fix with an algorithm.


Could this be translated as the sentence "A tomato is tasty" as well?


No - עגבנייה היא טעימה.


So you are kind of saying, "A tomato, it is tasty" (as in the other example you also replied to - thanks! - "A girl, she is good.")


This is confusing because it asks for a sentence, which "Tasty tomato" is not. It makes it harder to learn the Hebrew if the "correct" English translation is incorrect.


If it had a hey wouldn't it make it the the tomato is tasty? העגבנייה טעים נכון? Anyone else really hating the word tasty?!


So is a tomato feminine? :)


Is it supposed to be "agvaniyá" or "akvaniyá"? I hear a "k", not a "g".


I think it must sound "g", because the letter ג 's name is gimel. For the "k"-sound they use ק or כ.


It's ag-van-IYA, you can always use a website or app like Reverso to play the word (in the reverso settings you can slow down the audio) gimel is ג , it's a g sound like guy, great. It only is a J sound for loanwords from another language. In that case it will look like this: ג' examples: ג'ון John דיג'י DJ


In English, the statements, a tasty tomato and a tomato is tasty, are equal, unless you add context, like, I have a tasty tomato or a tomato is tasty to me.


They might mean basically the same thing, but grammatically, they mean different things, and the goal of this sentence is to help us understand the difference between such nuances.

a tasty tomato - עגבנייה טעימה

a tomato is tasty - עגבנייה היא טעימה

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