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  5. "המלך אוכל לחם."

"המלך אוכל לחם."

Translation:The king eats bread.

June 22, 2016



Why does it not say I have a typo mistake when I am using the wrong letters? For example ה instead of כ or the other way round


To count as a typo, your error must meet two criteria:
it is only one letter; and the result does not create another real word that is wrong for the context.


But sometimes I meet these criteria and it just counts it as "correct" altogether, without alerting me to the typo! It's very disconcerting! So I often come to the comment-section to check if I really did it right. (But often the comments won't load either! Quite annoying!)


Ky: Unfortunately, Duolingo has been know to err, so maybe that happened to you. Use the Flag/Report button for that.

Also, note that we can't see the result of your translation; most of us are just learners as you are. So if you want someone's feedback on that situation, you could take a screen-shot, put it online and link to it in your comment.

BTW, given the limitations on Duolingo's teaching style, I find that these comment pages often contain helpful info that clarifies or expands upon the exercise.

If your device often has trouble loading these comments, you might try a different device (phone, tablet, computer) or a different network connection (cellular, wifi, LAN cable), or even a different location, depending on what options you may have.


let him eat cake


Blimey he must have hit hard times :-D

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