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  5. "המלך אוכל לחם."

"המלך אוכל לחם."

Translation:The king eats bread.

June 22, 2016



let him eat cake


Why does it not say I have a typo mistake when I am using the wrong letters? For example ה instead of כ or the other way round


To count as a typo, I've read that your error must meet two criteria:
it is only one letter; and the result does not create another real word that is wrong for the context.

a911 rich739183


But sometimes I meet these criteria and it just counts it as "correct" altogether, without alerting me to the typo! It's very disconcerting! So I often come to the comment-section to check if I really did it right. (But often the comments won't load either! Quite annoying!)


Ky: Unfortunately, Duolingo has been know to err, so maybe that happened to you. Use the Flag/Report button for that.

Also, note that we can't see the result of your translation; most of us are just learners as you are. So if you want someone's feedback on that situation, you could take a screen-shot, put it online and link to it in your comment.

BTW, given the limitations on Duolingo's teaching style, I find that these comment pages often contain helpful info that clarifies or expands upon the exercise.

If your device often has trouble loading these comments, you might try a different device (phone, tablet, computer) or a different network connection (cellular, wifi, LAN cable), or even a different location, depending on what options you may have.

b004 rich739183


ha-mélekh okhél lékhem.


Blimey he must have hit hard times :-D


What kind of sentences are these?


Is the word אוכל masculine and the רוכלת feminine?


Yes, אוכל is masculine, and you misspelled אוכלת which is feminine.


Why so many characters for kh? Why does the backwards C dude make a plain "k" sound sometimes?


There are only two letters that make the kh sound ח and כ, which can also be pronounced as k. It's not used in this course, but there would be a dot in כ to show that it is pronounced as k.


I wrote "המלך אוכל לחם" and it's marked as wrong...


Suggestion for the future: To get the best feedback on what you typed, take a screenshot, put it online and link to it here. It's always possible that you made an error that you didn't notice, and a screenshot should show what correction it gave you. Also, if you know you gave the right answer, the way to notify the developers directly is with the flag/report button.

b107 rich739183

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