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  5. "יש לי אפרסק צהוב ואדום."

"יש לי אפרסק צהוב ואדום."

Translation:I have a yellow and red peach.

June 22, 2016



Does this mean "a yellow and red peach" or "a yellow and a red peach"? How would you differentiate between these two sentences?


Yeah, is it one apple two colours or two apples with one colour each?


A yellow and red peach. One peach.


The first three words mean "I have a peach". The next two words are adjectives that modify that one noun, that one peach, describing it as yellow and red.


Im guessing a single pleach that is multi colored, because "peach" isn't in the plural form. I could be wrong though. Anyone else have an explanation?


You should probably point out how colours decline and how they overwhelmingly fit into the קָטֹל mishkal.


How would you say "I have a yellow and a red peach."? Do you have to say "יש לי אפרסק צהוב ואפרסק אדום." or is there another way?

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