"Is there an air-conditioner in this room?"

Translation:יש מזגן בחדר הזה?

June 22, 2016

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This ישנו is new to me, and I've seen that there are other inflections of it. How do I use them? I'd guess ישנו has some meaning related to 'us' in the sentence (because of the suffix -נו ), but I don't see it in the translation. Would someone clear it out?


האם יש מזגן בחדר? זאת לא תשובה נכונה?! מי כתב את ההתשובה לשפה הזאת?


you just missed הזה. in this room - בחדר הזה, in the room - בחדר


Looks like ישנו is another redundant feature of the formal language usage, like indicating possession with both a prefix and a של. Right?

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These are common words, they're not formal usage. יש is not quite equivalent:

When your object has the definite article, only the long form is acceptable:

״המזגן ישנו״ אבל לא ״המזגן יש״

However, when there is no definite article, both short and long forms are acceptable, and neither is more high-brow than the other.

״ישנן בנות״ בסדר אבל גם ״יש בנות״


Why not יש בחדר הזה מזגן?


Yes. This is my question!

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