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"כלבתנו שונאת חתולים."

Translation:Our dog hates cats.

2 years ago


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A female dog is a bitch, isn't it? But that answer was rejected. Is bitch only used pejoratively?

2 years ago

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Technically it can be used as more accurate breeder terminology, but in casual English it's only ever used as profanity, and so with Duolingo's policy regarding profanity it will 100% guaranteed never be accepted as a possible translation.

2 years ago


It may be used technically (like between dog breeders) but I believe the average american would use "dog" when referring to his female dog in casual conversation.

I agree, though, that when translating a language that differentiates between male and female, it would make sense to give credit when the correct gender terminology is used.

2 years ago


Worth adding that English swear words also mean the same in Hebrew (though are viewed somewhat less offensively from what I understand, and take on Hebrew endings at least in plural form, so multiple bitches, is bitchiot... And I've only ever heard that in terms of the profanity, unsure about dog breeders) So in the case of bitch, well, it's still understood as a profanity in Israel as well.

2 years ago


I’m sure “bitch” was accepted in at least one sentence earlier in the course.

It certainly should be accepted, as the original meaning of the English word still exists, and is in fact the most accurate translation of “כלבה”.

1 year ago


I correctly translated the sentence, but it was not accepted as correct

1 year ago


Could be a blip in your Internet. If my internet cuts out during an exercise all answers are marked as wrong. Or if it's sketchy then I may have only a brief glitch.

8 months ago