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  5. "I love sugar!"

"I love sugar!"

Translation:אני אוהב סוכר!

June 22, 2016



How do you pronounce סוכר?


Why isn't אנוכי accepted?


Well, I'm not completely sure but i think it is technically correct. However, this word is barely used and if you'd say it in an informal, daily conversation it'd sound quite weird.


Duolingo suggests אוהב as an alternative to אוהבת here. Is this a gender distinction?


the verb ending in t is feminine and in other conjugations it is a h instead of t that represents the feminine this applies to present tense


Why is "אני אוהב את סוכר" wrong? Actually it should be okay..


No, because you only use את before a proper noun. John, Mary, France, The tree, The book.


Maybe definite would be a better way of describing it. The tree, the book, the man are all definite nouns but not proper nouns.


Whats the diffrenece between: אני אוהב גבינה היא רוצה את היין Why in first sentence no need את the structure of the sentences is the same?


The two sentences you wrote are correct with and without את. היא רוצה את היין היא רוצה יין אני אוהב את הגבינה אני אוהב גבינה All four sentences are correct, but there's a slight difference. The sentences which contain "את ה.." talk about a specific wine\cheese. Meaning, if I like cheese (in general), I'd say אני אוהב גבינה. If I like this specific cheese, I'd say אני אוהב את הגבינה.

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אני אוהב סוכר Without knowing the gender, why is this wrong?

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